Beautiful conservatory blinds
Beautiful Blinds & Shutters
Beautiful conservatory blinds
Beautiful Blinds & Shutters
Beautiful conservatory blinds
Beautiful Blinds & Shutters

Conservatory Blinds

Most types of blinds can be installed into a conservatory, however pleated blinds are by far the most effective and versatile for the harsh environment a conservatory can provide: i.e. cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Not to mention the awkward shapes and angles especially on the roof. At UK Blinds and Shadings we consider ourselves specialists in this field and from survey to fit will provide the best and most appropriate advice and service for the particular circumstances.

Pleated Side Blinds

Our stunning pleated conservatory blinds can transform your conservatory into a warm and stylish environment that you will want to relax in. Our extensive choices of fabrics are specially backed to help maintain a steady temperature in the conservatory all year round. Each fabric comes in a range of colours to match in with furnishings and decor. In recent years advancement in fabric technology has seen the rise in popularity of the Cellular fabric (Honeycomb) this fabric has a unique cellular structure and is proven to be a fantastic insulator as well as having good anti glare properties.

Beautiful conservatory blinds
Beautiful conservatory blinds
Beautiful conservatory blinds

Pleated Blind Systems

Intu™ Pleated Blind System

The INTU blind system is quite simply the most innovative and flexible rebated blind system available, integrating beautifully into most modern doors and windows without the need to drill holes into the frame, the position of the blind does not need to be altered to open your windows and doors. Because INTU is a rebated system and fitted close to the actual glass the whole of the window sill is retained for ornaments, photographs etc.

Literise™ Pleated Blind System

This unique blind system was developed with child safety in mind, the revolutionary cordless design makes lowering and raising the blind smooth and effortless whilst maintaining ultimate child safe properties. Simply push up by hand to raise and pull down to lower, the blind simply stays wherever you leave it.

Smartcord™ System

This top quality system is also designed with child safety in mind, the system is operated by a retractable cord mechanism, the short cord is clicked to the side to smoothly lower the blind, the cord is pulled to raise the blind, but by means of retraction maintains a constant length, thus keeping the system child safe.

Tensioned Roof Blinds

Pleated roof blinds can be made for any shape including triangles, awkward angles and window vents. Standard operation is manually with a telescopic rod but the roof blinds can be motorised for ease of use and operated via a remote control, zones can be created on the remote control thereby opening and closing the blinds on different sections of the roof as and when is needed.

Motorised Pleated Blinds

Why not control your blinds with the push of a button, our Low Voltage motors which sit discreetly in the blind headrail take away the chore of opening and closing the blinds by hand, the blinds are operated via a handset and can be operated separately in zones or altogether in a cascading formation. Timers can also be used to operate the blinds when you are away on holiday, a great security feature.

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Happy Customers

Uk Blinds & Shadings delivered a seamless and efficient service in supplying the motorised Roller blinds for our home. There was a smooth transition from the first visit to carry out the initial survey and estimate through detailed survey to the final fitting and commissioning. All appointments to carry out the work were on time and the blinds were installed on the date promised during the first visit.

John Harrison - Newcastle


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