Shutter Styles

Full Height

Our most popular option, full height shutters cover the whole of the window, the panel can be divided in 2 with a mid-rail allowing the top louvres to be operated independently from the bottom, adding style and versatility.

Tier On Tier

Separate top and bottom panels which work independently of each other, providing greater flexibility of privacy and light.

Cafe Style

Only part of the window is covered with this option, ground floor windows benefit from this style when privacy is an issue but natural light is still a requirement, also popular where patterned glass is installed.


Ideal for large openings such as bi fold and patio doors, rather than installing frames to mount the shutter panels on, top and bottom tracks are fitted allowing several panels to be used, can either be bi-fold or by pass.

Shaped Shutters

Shutters can be manufactured to virtually any shape, and in fact can sometimes be the only solution to fit an awkward shaped window, circles, arches and triangles are all possible and can make for a stunning focal point in your room.


Solid panels can provide a more traditional look and can prove very efficient where darkness is a necessity.