6 Meter retractable awning

13 Apr 2018

It’s always nice to fit a new product, but this Splenbox 400 Patio Awning which we have just added to our product list, looks and works fantastically well. With a stylishly shaped cassette housing and an on trend textured anthracite colour, Patio Awnings have never looked so stylish. The awning is Motorised and can be easily opened and retracted with the flick of a switch. As with this one fitted today in Northumberland we can span 6 metres quite comfortably, this gives perfect shading over the 2 sets of French doors, keeping the house Cool in hot weather,  the  3 meters of projection provides 18 square meters of cover for some comfortable outdoor living. The awning comes equipped with a wind / vibration sensor which will retract the awning in windy weather helping to protect it.